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Dear Friends,

We are deeply saddened to share that our beloved Kirupashankar Sampath has passed away on Feb 4th 2024 in Fremont, CA. Kirupa was battling with cancer. He leaves behind his caring wife Sangeetha and beloved sons Aadhav (11) and Aaditya (9).

Kirupa was a wonderful husband, dad, son, brother, friend, colleague, who has touched the lives of those around him. With his unfortunate departure at such a young age (45), in memory of Kirupa, we are raising funds for his two young childrens’ college education and family expenses.

Kirupa has always been a bundle of joy to be around as a passionate orator of a multitude of topics (education, sports, politics, movies,etc) and always the first one to come forward and say “how can I support you”. He has left a deep void in our hearts. As much as fun to be around him, he is also academically bright student, went to College of Engineering Guindy (Anna University).

Please keep his family in your prayers. Thank you for your generosity and compassion as your best wishes and contribution will support this young family at this unprecedented time.

With heartfelt gratitude,
(CEG Friends)

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