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Bit of a long one. Requesting your patience to know him as one of yours.


Lokesh Kanna Bharathi, 34, residing in ALVista 9 miles apartment, Aurora, Colorado, Denver, is the centre beam of a beautiful family with his Mother Dhanalakshmi, Father Bharathi, Wife Nirmala and his 4 year old son Dev.

He left the family, who suffers his loss without any consolation

A loving husband, father, and son, Lokesh dedicated his life to his family and helping others.
He immigrated to the US to achieve his dreams for them, but faced unexpected illness.
Diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, Lokesh fought with all his might and is now succumbing to his complications.
His young family faces immense financial hardship and needs support to:
Cover medical expenses and outstanding debts.
Allow his family to travel back and provide financial support for their family and son's future,
Cope with the immense loss and rebuild their lives.
Any contribution, big or small, will lighten their burden and honor Lokesh's memory.

Imagine leaving behind a family strangled all alone here.
What could the future be for them without him?

 He is a gem of soul we friend have ever witnessed. He has been helping with fatherless kids study get job, help in poor kids surgeries, been there for everyone and any requests for anyone without second thoughts

And this is definitely not something he deserves. 

He passed away
 He has been in the US since May 2022, and it's been around 1.5 years since then. He landed with an L1B. His wife chose to be a home maker to take care of their son. He is a fit explorer; with a big dream to get the best of everything for his family, he chose the USA. His father used to work for the Tamilnadu Bus Transport Corporation and been retired for more than 10 years. Since then, he has been the pillar for all the family's needs. He worked hard to get his sister married with all his earnings and Loans. He closed it all on his own. He bought a plot with a dream to live as a joint family on hollow, which he is still paying off 


He took care of everything and took up his next responsibility, achieve his dream of getting everything best in the world for his son Dev. But fate had other plans. He was diagnosed with gall stones a year ago and was adviced to remove it. He took medication since it did not work, he had it removed in the Aurora hospital.

Unfortunately, considering his young age, Doctors did not suspect CANCER before removing his Gallbladder.

 Within days after removal, he was rushed to the emergency, was diagnosed witH STAGE 4 METASTATIC CANCER blocking all Major Organs, Kidneys, Liver, stomach and Lymph nodes. 

They gave him days. He had tubes for the kidney and liver. Fortunately, his lungs, heart and brain were undisturbed. He was able to undergo aggressive chemotherapy with a 5-Fu regime, and he showed progress.

He was undergoing continuous chemo and radiation. He lost 40 Kg and lost all the charm, yet he wanted to fight. He fought.

He was back on his legs, walking and eating a few mouths of food. They gave him years now. We struggled for 3 months to get an appointment at MD ANDERSON and were all set to shift to Houston on the Feb 6th

Out of nowhere, he got swellings on his back. Reported multiple times, it was still considered a minor issue. Soon, his legs and arms swelled. He was rushed to the emergency and was diagnosed with acute pulmonary oedema. Liquid all over his body. His kidneys stopped, his lungs suffered, and his BP fell below 55 average. He is under the maximum dosage of all the life supports, dialysis, ventilators, epinephrines, etc..

His Doctors told him that "He is going through a hell of pain" and might expire at any time. Being new to the US working for the HCL, his savings are enough for another couple of months and nothing more. The best we could do to him is do this and get support.

His family will lose their status and need to depart the country. His mother, father, sister and brother-in-law are here to be by his side. It will involve a huge sum of money to get things moving, settle the outstanding and raising their son

We would be grateful for any support that could keep his life going or could enable his family to cope with the loss. We are thankful for your generous thoughts and prayers.

Back strory:
 We did not want any stone untouched. We reached Mayo, MSK, and MD Anderson. All the hospitals wanted him to be discharged from the Swedish Medical Center to enrol him on their centre. Finally, he got discharged in Dec, but then, the doctor's availability was limited. He had booked his ticket for the Feb 6th. With all the mental support he got, he was ready to move to Houston with his family and to get enrolled in MD Anderson. We fought the level best but this was not something how he should end up.

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Support Grieving,Left alone Family of Lokesh Kanna
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